June 2017

Currently on the bench I have one set of three drones in their primered state- please message to order the finished set at £950. which includes p&p 

The Vincent page has now been updated with latest pictures, its moving along nicely now and the kit hopefully will be ready later in the year.

The Wipeout Ship is now Sold

This model is 850mm length- 300mm width- 230mm height . Weight including Packaging box designed to ensure no damage to the article - total 7 kg

Welcome to Destiny Models!

My name is  Brian Jones and sci -fi modelmaking has been my hobby for 20 years.  I am now stepping up my hobby and making it my secondary business, I am a one man band with the exception of my wife Dawn who is involved in the painting and weathering of the models. My first project the production of a model kit of the drones Huey, Dewey and Louie from the cult film Silent Running starring Bruce Dern, is now complete and for sale only from this website on the 'drone kit' page.
We have sold these kits worldwide now and we are proud to say that all feedback has been 100% positive and customer comments have proved that our kits are of the highest quality and beautifully cast.
Images below show actual kits finished by ourselves which will show the results that can be achieved with our kits.


Check out my new project,  more pictures on the Vincent  page

Wipeout guns